[Speex-dev] [OT] RE: CELT 0.5.0 is out

Diana Cionoiu diana at null.ro
Fri Oct 17 04:23:52 PDT 2008

Use Jingle, anyway Jingle kicks SIP on almost every aspect. Especially 
on the way the standards are made.


David Hogan wrote:
>> I understand, but CELT would be useless for SIP if one can't
> read/guess
>> correctly decoder configuration from the RTP data.
>> One possible way to cope with this would be to have several CELT
> payload
>> defines for use in SIP signalling. This is usually not well accepted
> as
>> this would remove flexibility and increase size and error withing SIP
>> negotiation.
> Sorry for going OT, but this is a good example of why I dislike SIP; to
> me it seems like someone sticky-taped a bunch of not quite ideally
> suited standards together (HTTP? Really? Over UDP??), much of which is
> then ignored by people who 'just need to get calls working'. The result
> is that you might not be able to rely on something as fundamental as
> media attributes being parsed in an SDP.
> /rant,
> Dave
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