[Speex-dev] Decoding multiple encoded frames

Darren Longhorn darren.longhorn at redembedded.com
Thu Oct 9 06:28:02 PDT 2008

Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
> The decoder will return -1 if it can't decode anything else, so you just
> do something like:
> while(1) {
>    err = speex_decode_int(state, bits, pcm);
>    if (err==-1)
>       break;
>    output_data(pcm);
> }

I think I still didn't fully understand. As a test I encoded some frames
(wideband, with quality set to 8), each were 70 bytes. I then did three

 - passed half of it to the decoder
 - passed exactly one frame to the decoder
 - I passed two concatenated frames to the decoder.

In all cases speex_decode_int returned 0.

Unless I misunderstood what you say above, I think it should have
returned 0 only for the third test, -1 for the second test and perhaps
-2 for the first test?



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