[Speex-dev] VS2005 build stability?

Kerry Bonin kerry at vscape.com
Thu Oct 2 08:10:57 PDT 2008

Please note that I'm not advocating CMake as a replacement for autotools 
or another build environment - what I was postulating is that CMake may 
provide an easier to maintain option for generation of Visual Studio 
project and solution files, which unless I'm mistaken the GNU autotools 
suite does not support.  Used in this manner they provide the ability to 
generate these for at least VS2003 and VS2005 from a make style text 
file, which could probably be generated by autotools with a little work. 
This would be an easier option for generating these project files than 
cranking them out by hand, which I suspect is how they have been maintained.

I should add that not too many developers I know attempt cross platform 
that includes Visual Studio, but CMake is the ONLY tool I've tried that 
has been able to generate both Visual Studio and Linux make files of 
sufficient quality to be used in a production environment.  There may be 
lots of better choices for a Linux / embedded house, but CMake is a nice 
solution in this particular niche.

I'll spend a little time on this next week and see what I can come up with.

On a tangentially related issue, could Jean-Marc (or someone else in the 
know) comment on the status and future of the Git > Xiph SVN updating?  
It would be nice if this were maintained for those of us stuck with 
managing speex in a larger project already in SVN.  It seems it wouldn't 
be difficult to automate this, but Xiph certainly seems like the proper 
home for the updated SVN...


Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:
> Kerry Bonin wrote:
>> Recently we've made a successful partial migration to a CMake driven 
>> environment.
> I've looked at Cmake and I was completely underwhelmed.
> The autotools are very flawed, but in my opinion they are still
> far more capable than Cmake.
>> That said, going on the assumption that nobody will want to migrate to 
>> yet another build system (I know I would resist such a suggestion), 
>> CMake would at the very least provide a very clean way of generating the 
>> VS2003/VS2005 project solution files from a simple set of text files 
>> which could be maintained along with the basic make files.
> I know of one other project doing this, but its too early to tell
> if its going to work out or not. 
> Erik

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