[Speex-dev] VS2005 build stability?

Kerry Bonin kerry at vscape.com
Wed Oct 1 22:19:02 PDT 2008

Might I make a suggestion? 

I manage a few rather large cross platform projects which include 
embedded targets, Windows OS w/ multiple Visual Studio targets (2003, 
2005, and 2008), and some Linux flavors.  In the past we hand built all 
the makefiles and manually maintained the Visual Studio project / 
solution files, which has always been a pain.

Recently we've made a successful partial migration to a CMake driven 
environment.  This lets us manage one set of quasi-make text files, and 
CMake does a surprisingly nice job of generating VS2003 and VS2005 
project / solution files along with our Linux and other target make 
files.  We've had some success adding other related automations like 
doxygen configs that get passed the per-library source file lists.  
CMake even lets us generate source / header folders within the Visual 
Studio projects so we could maintain the way we previously organized our 
larger libraries.

That said, going on the assumption that nobody will want to migrate to 
yet another build system (I know I would resist such a suggestion), 
CMake would at the very least provide a very clean way of generating the 
VS2003/VS2005 project solution files from a simple set of text files 
which could be maintained along with the basic make files.  I know from 
experience that once created, they're pretty easy to keep in sync.  I'm 
guessing that VS2008 support should be here soon, if not already.

I'll be looking into the build issue a little more tomorrow, and I'm 
glad to help here.  I'll be managing speex in our project from this 
point on, and while VS2005 isn't our only target, its the one that pays 
the bills, so I have to make it build clean.


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