[Speex-dev] Patch to make SPEEX_PREPROCESS_GET_AGC_GAIN use dB, and _SET_AGC_LEVEL use a int32

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Sat Mar 22 01:38:34 PDT 2008

Patch applied. Warning to everyone: the AGC API changed again!


Thorvald Natvig a écrit :
> Hi,
> The attached patch fixes an incistency in my earlier patch. Whereas the
> rest of the AGC ctls are in dB, GET_AGC_GAIN was linear. This patch
> fixes that.
> It also changes the API for _GET and _SET_AGC_LEVEL to use a int32
> instead of a float, meaning we don't need to do a API change when we get
> a fixed point AGC.
> Best regards,
> Thorvald
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