[Speex-dev] Playback of "short" Speex encoded {8KHz, 8 o 16 bit, mono} fails using DirectShow Filter

Pablo Rios pablo.javier.rios at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 09:41:11 PDT 2008

I attach two wav files of a few seconds duration that fail to play on
Windows Media Player 11 using DirectShow Filter bundled in
oggcodecs_0.71.0946.exe, after enconding them to the Speex audio format
using VBR, as follows:

speexenc.exe --vbr <input-wav-file> <output-spx-file>

The output of speexenc.exe --version* *is:

speexenc (Speex encoder) version speex-1.2beta3 (compiled Dec 11 2007)
Copyright (C) 2002-2006 Jean-Marc Valin

Needless to say, this problem does not happen with longer files.

Has anybody run into the same problem ?

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