[Speex-dev] using of speex filters without muxer

Leonid Volnin leonid.volnin at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 05:37:12 PDT 2008

hi All

i'm trying to use speex codec for my voip application.
let me describe how i made it:
i build dshow graph with speex encoder and my own renderer filter
which receives encoded data and pass it thouht network to other
in this application i have another graph with my own source filter
which is connected to speex decoder.
the problem is in following: decoder filter doesn't send any samples
to audio device.
and there is some strange behavour:
i'm putting first ident packet from encoder (80 bytes) to mediatype to
connect my filter to decoder.
and i don't send this sample to decoder. in this case decoder asks me
for only one more sample (and i send it to it), then nothing happends.
i mean, decoder doesn't asks me for more samples.

but if i send this first packet to decoder, i got 'division by zero'
exception inside decoder (i don't found exact place where it occurs
still, so may be this a root of evil).

i've tested encoder and decoder filter with ogg file muxer/demuxer -
all works ok. and i don't found any special or magic code inside it.
so may be someone have any ideas why it doesn't work?

best regards, Leonid.

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