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The program is not running correctly.  Maleout5x.snd should be the same size as the input file.  The encoded data file (malebits.dat) should be 6000 bytes.  What are your actual file sizes?  

Please explain what version of Speex you are using, and how you are calling Speex.  If you are running the example build from the /ti directory in the CCS C5509A simulator, with no modifications, it should work fine.


Jim Crichton
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  dear sir/madam,
   i am runnin the speex codes for the TI-DSP in CCS. 
  i have also given the same input file that has been mentioned in the readme-TIDSP.
  the code runs perfectly ( i think) but it takes a lot of time for the *.out file to "run".
  the output file, which is supposed to be "maleout5x" has a size much bigger than the input file "male.snd" (the input file is around 96kb).
  is the program running correctly???
  m desperate for the solution.
  thanking you


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