[Speex-dev] Determine number of 20ms frames in packet - without decoding

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Sat Feb 16 04:24:43 PST 2008

> Oh, you're right, inband handling is different, but it's a matter of one
> flag, passed to functioin. Probably not that much to keep code DRY.

Well, let's first merge your code and then we'll see about possible

>> frame: 20 ms encoding
>> sub-frame: 5 ms encoding (internal)
>> layer: one frame of nb or sb
>> sb: sub-band
>> wb: nb+sb
>> uwb: nb+sb+sb
> Hum... Then SPEEX_SUBMODE_BITS_PER_FRAME macro have
> wrong name. 

Well, I haven't quite defined whether a frame includes all "layers" or
just one...

> This is what I was trying to ask in my previous mail.
> Now it return number of bits in one layer (nb or sb), while I expected
> it to return number of bits in one frame (nb or wb or uwb). I want
> to get information about frame sizes to estimate bitrate for CBR
> operation and bitrate bounds for VBR operation.

You know you can already specify the bit-rate directly instead of the
quality, right? Also, VBR now supports a "max rate" option.


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