[Speex-dev] speex echo problem in my own softphone to POTS

linzaihe drawncat at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 15 22:18:04 PST 2008

    I use SpeexEcho in my own softphone using MGCP protocol register to a PBX under WindowsXP in my laptop.
    I make a call:
         softphone  ---> PBX ----> MediaGateWay ---PotsLine---> Traditional Phone.
    In the other side(TraditionalPhone), I did not here any echo voice, SpeexEcho works well. 
    But, if I let laptop to make some sounds, such as play music, I heard all the voice returned back in  TraditionalPhone. It seems SpeexEcho stops to work.
    What I have done In my softPhone project with SpeexEcho are these:
    1. prepare a buffer with 4000 bytes deep.
    2. "state = speex_echo_state_init( 160, 1280 )"    then:
    3. put waveData(wHdr) into buffer after "waveOutWrite(hWaveOut, wHdr, sizeof(*wHdr))"
    4. in "WaveInCallback" function: Get waveData From buffer, and use "spxec_echo_cancel(state, waveInData, DataGotFromBuffer, tmpBuffer,0)"
    5. then push tmpBuffer to Encode Module, package to G.729 to network. NickMSN: drawncat at hotmail.com
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