[Speex-dev] Quick bug in speexenc

Michel Donais michel at ludia.com
Fri Feb 8 15:02:36 PST 2008

Good day, a quick bug while encoding speexes in speexenc.


While reading a .wav in function read_samples, size can get to negative
values, as long as fread is able to go forward with reading the file. This
can happen with Protools-generated wavs, where they put additional
information after the "data" fourcc.


I created a very quick hack by adding:


         int tentative_read = bits/8*channels* frame_size;

         if (*size < 0) {

               tentative_read = tentative_read + *size;    /* Size is
negative, don't forget ;) */


      nb_read = fread(in,1,tentative_read, fin);


instead of the original fread.


This is a very dirty hack, but it works well using my strange .wavs. Cleanup
more than required ;)






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