[Speex-dev] Speex memory usage?

Ghost Wolf ghostdewolf at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 14:35:14 PST 2008

Jean-Marc Valin skrev:
> Ghost Wolf a écrit :
>> Hello Mailing List,
>> I am a Speex supporter and user that would really like to know how much
>> memory Speex uses to decode a 8kHz, 16kHz and 32kHz (primarily the 8kHz)
>> and is it possible to use a 1kBytes of RAM to decode a 8kHz stream? (I
>> was thinking of the possibility of using a ATmega168 to decode Speex)
> Speex would fit in 8 kB RAM, maybe in 4 kB, but certainly not in 1 kB.
> Sorry.
> 	Jean-Marc
ok, that is not good for my plans...
Is there any thing in the the 8kB of RAM that is always the same (lookup 
table etc.) or did you already think of that? I'm curios since the 
ATmega168 got 16kB of Flash that is as fast as the RAM (I think the chip 
is made so it limits its maximum speed to the slowest memory, flash. it 
also has some EEPROM besides the SRAM).


Ps. ATmega spec:
SPEED: 0-20MHz
Architecture: 8-bit RISC, no FPU.
Site: http://www.atmel.com/dyn/products/product_card.asp?part_id=3303

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