[Speex-dev] JitterBuffer in SVN

Thorvald Natvig thorvald at natvig.com
Wed Nov 14 16:48:14 PST 2007

Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
>> Once I updated the application to use the updated function call, the
>> jitter buffer worked again, giving sane results even with +/- 30 ms
>> arrival times and 20% packet loss. So sorry for bothering you with a
>> bogus bug report :(
> Happy to hear it works. ...but I'm still interesting on test data for
> the jitter buffer if you have some time.

I added some logging to my last debug build, but users stopped using it 
and rolled back to the previous version due to all the printfs. I see 
these are now removed, so I'll do a new build. However, is there any 
chance you could change to spxprintf() or something similar which we 
could override easily? This would reduce the amount of "errors" reported 
to users (who then report it as a bug to me), and would also allow me to 
capture the output and include it in the autogenerated bugreports if 
there are any problems.

Best regards,

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