[Speex-dev] Problem with encoding the first frame of a sample

Aviv Tamar AVIVT at il.ibm.com
Mon Nov 12 04:23:57 PST 2007

I have this rare and weird problem in the encoder : when I encode and
this specific speech sample (Attached) the first frame comes out wrong.
I found that the error is in the encoder.
My settings are :
Version 1.2beta2, on linux, in floating point.
The highpass filter turned off.
Perceptual enhancment is turned off.
Quality is 9.

The weird thing about it is that if I use different settings (e.g. fixed
point, or turn
the highpass filter on), or compile a different version or a different
system then this specific sample comes out fine, although the same problem
might appear on different samples.

Also, all the other frames are ok, and this error only
happens in some specific speech samples, on the first frame.

I hope someone can figure out what causes this, because in the application
I'm working on the first frame is important, so this rare problem causes a
quality degredation.

(See attached file: sample_short.pcm)

Aviv Tamar
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