[Speex-dev] speex compression rate

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Wed Aug 8 06:25:42 PDT 2007

鲍 a écrit :
> I want to know speex compression rate. On the speex website,it says" Speex
> is based on CELP and is designed to compress voice at bitrates ranging from
> 2 to 44 kbps." Is the original voice at bitrates raning from 2 to 44 kbps,or
> the compressed voice at bits ranging from 2 to 44 kbps? what is the maxmium
> compression rate?

The *output* rate is 2 to 44 kbps. The input bit-rate doesn't mean much
because it depends on how you were representing it (u-law, 16-bit,
float, ASCII, ...).


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