[Speex-dev] question about coding

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Tue May 23 12:15:05 PDT 2006

You are probably reading little-endian samples on a big-endian platform, and
failing to flip the byte order.  By convention, PCM samples are generally
little-endian words, and the effect of playing them with the wrong byte
order is just what you describe hearing, with the expected  sound buried
under 8 bits' worth of random-sounding noise.

-- john

> Hi,
> I'm trying to encode a raw audio file with speex. No problem if I
> normally decode it (as done in the samplenc.c, for example).
> But if I separate odd and even samples and I try to encode
> separately these two files (one is [odd odd odd odd..], the other
> [even even even even..], then when I decode and I join the
> samples in one file [odd even odd even odd even..] I heard a
> terrible white noise, and the voice in background very weak.
> Does anyone know the reason?
> Thanks
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