[Speex-dev] First argument to speex_decode NULL for missing data?

Kevin Jenkins gameprogrammer at rakkar.org
Sat May 20 18:29:19 PDT 2006


Again, once the decoder initialization is done, for every input frame:
speex_bits_read_from(&bits, input_bytes, nbBytes);
speex_decode(dec_state, &bits, output_frame);

where input_bytes is a (char *) containing the bit-stream data received 
for a frame,
nbBytes is the size (in bytes) of that bit-stream,
and output_frame is a (float *) and pints to the area where the decoded 
speech frame will be written. A NULL value as
the first argument indicates that we don't have the bits for the current 


In the snip above, the manual says to make the first argument NULL - 
however that looks like a mistake to me.  It should be the 2nd argument 

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