[Speex-dev] New jitter.c, bug in speex_jitter_get?

Thorvald Natvig speex at natvig.com
Wed May 3 02:58:27 PDT 2006

>> After changing my code to construct a JitterBufferPacket and passing that
>> to speex_jitter_put, my program works with the new jitter buffer using the
>> wrapper functions (speex_jitter_* instead of the new jitter_buffer_*).
> Oops, I forgot to make sure I keep the API stable for the old buffer.
> Any thoughts on the change (revert or continue as is)?

Well, I presume the idea of keeping speex_jitter_* around is to enable old 
programs to compile "out of the box" with newer versions of speex without 
modifications. I think it would be better to change it so the API is same.

I must say I really like the generalized jitter buffer though :) It's a 
cleaner and more flexible implementation and can more easily be adjusted 
to contain additional information with each packet.

>> But when a new packet is fetched, jitter_buffer_tick isn't called, so if I
>> only have one frame per packet, it will never be called.
>> Is this a bug in speex_jitter_get, or am I doing something wrong?
> This is definitely a bug in speex_jitter_get() because it hasn't been
> updated for changes in the "generic" jitter buffer. I'll fix that.

Thanks :)

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