[Speex-dev] ICASSP and AES in May

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Tue May 2 07:18:25 PDT 2006


Just to let everyone know I'll be attending ICASSP and the AES
convention this month, so if anyone here is going and would like to meet
me in person, this can probably be arranged. FYI, I'll be presenting
"Robust 3D Localization and Tracking of Sound Sources Using Beamforming
and Particle
Filtering" ( http://people.xiph.org/~jm/papers/valin_icassp2006.pdf ) at
ICASSP and "Improved Noise Weighting in CELP Coding of Speech - Applying
the Vorbis Psychoacoustic Model To
Speex" ( http://people.xiph.org/~jm/papers/aes120_speex_vorbis.pdf ) at
the AES convention.


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