[Speex-dev] newbie questions

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Sat Jan 28 02:14:35 PST 2006

> 1. If I use library compiled as fixed point, will a non-fixed point
> library at the other
> end be able to decode it? (and vice-versa)

Sure, that the idea. Actually, the fixed-point and floating-point
versions of the library are also compatible at both the API and ABI

> 2. How does the other end recognize the bit rate of the speex stream?
> Is it encoded in-band, or it has to be set manually?

It is encoded in-band (first 5 bits for narrowband).

> (for example in a SIP client there is a speex codec option. but does
> that mean
> that it supports only one bitrate or all?)

I don't know what this particular client does. It should normally tell
you the bitrate.

> 3. Was there anyone successfully compiling speex lib under win32 _for
> ARM 4_
> into a windows .lib file?

Yes. Although if you're using an MS compiler, the assembly optimizations
won't work, so you need the generic code.

> 4. Is there an ACM codec of speex for ARM4 platforms like pocket PC or
> smartphone 2003?

Sorry, can't help you on that one. I didn't do the ACM stuff (never
compiled Speex on MS stuff).


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