[Speex-dev] About echo cancelling

=?ks_c_5601-1987?B?vNW9wr/4?= ssw0725 at ncsoft.net
Wed Jan 25 20:54:02 PST 2006

I've implemented "echo cancel" to voip project.
But it doesn't work well . (I cannot feel the enhancement with activated AGC)
My encode settings :
1. frame size : 320 bytes.
2. sampling rate : 16000 Hz (WB)
3. mono
echo state initialized like this :
echo_state = speex_echo_state_init(framesize, framesize*16);
and befor encode :
speex_echo_cancel(echo_state, input_data, decoded_data, echo_canceled_data, residue);
input_data : recorded data
decoded_data : previous decoded data 
echo_canceled_data : echo cancel output data
Is there any faults for my "echo cancel" usage?
P.S : Dear Jean-Marc.
         Thank you for kind answers.
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