[Speex-dev] Echo cancel problem with 1.1.11

Martin Lamothe martin.lamothe at sess.ca
Thu Jan 19 07:56:22 PST 2006



  We are having problems with echo cancel in 1.1.11 that we didn't have with
1.1.10. Doing sound tests (just saying "check, test" for about 30 seconds),
we hear electronic noise and at some point the algorithm goes wild and the
residue samples returned by the echo cancel become so big they become bigger
than the floating point range (all values in the residue buffer are "nan" or
"not a number"). Then we have to reset the echo cancel otherwise everything
hangs (i.e. the preprocess becomes really slow trying to handle "nan" and
the echo cancel never comes back on its own). I can make it consistently
crash with 1.1.11 but I cannot reproduce it with 1.1.10. Any idea of what
could cause this?




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