[Speex-dev] Using speex (newbie)

Carlo Cappelletti capedica at portalis.it
Mon Jan 9 08:27:06 PST 2006

Hi, i'm using speex in a conferencing application and i have a little problem. I encode single buffer of 320 byte (160 short) and send it to destination where
i play it. The problem is that between frame i hear a "tick" so, if i encode single frames, send it and play it, i heard like to be underwater (because there is a tick 8000/320 times/sec ), if i encode many packet all together (ex. 320*3) the problem disappear because "tick" are distant. Do i have forcely to encode many packet? or is there a way to resolve this problem? 
If i send and play not encoded audio all function properly...
Thank you very much
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