[Speex-dev] AEC in wideband

Mikolaj Zyromski gmyradev at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 04:53:01 PST 2006


I am using speex in wideband mode and I'm trying to get AEC to work.
It seems the algorithm is working, but the result is not satisfactory.
Output signal of the algorithm still contains echo signal, although
it's level is diminished and sounds like processed with low-pass
filter. So the echo is audible, although it's quite quiet and the
speech it contains incomprehensible.

I was wondering whether the reason of the problem isn't the fact that
I'm using wideband (16kHz), while the algorithm is tuned for
narrowband (8kHz). I would like to ask you whether someone
successfully used AEC in wideband mode? Jean-Marc wrote some time ago
that it may require some changes in the code - mayby someone did this
sort of tuning of the aec algorithm to improve it's quality for


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