[Speex-dev] one more question about speex_bits_insert_terminator and speex_bits_write

yaseminyilmaz yaseminyilmaz at aytor.com
Sat Dec 9 02:50:36 PST 2006

Hi everybody,

I have been examining on how I can use speex completely so I have one more
question. I looked at examples and source code and it goes on.
speex_bits_insert_terminator is called in speex_bits_write function. Shall I
call this method one more time anywhere? Because in speexenc project,
firstly speex_bits_insert_terminator is called then speex_bits_write is
called when we assume that nframe=1. But according to manuel, only
speex_bits_write function is called. What does speex_bits_insert_terminator
do completely and where shall I use it? Is "only calling
speex_bits_insert_terminator in speex_bits_write" sufficient?

Thanks in advance




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