[Speex-dev] Speex compile/rpmbuild issue on x86_64

rehan khan rehan.khan at dsl.pipex.com
Wed Dec 6 19:10:09 PST 2006

Not sure if it is just my configuration but building the RPM on Centos
x86_64 fails. Also not sure if this is to be fixed in the Makefile or in
the configure.


The rpm compile proceeds apace until the build reaches the %files
section. Here it uses the _libdir directive to look for the libraries
that have just been compiled. However in an x86_64 environment the
_libdir directive points to lib64 (at least on centos/Redhat and
probably Fedora Core). The compile on this platform builds the libraries
in the lib directory. Hence the rpm build fails.


A rubbish fix is to hardcode the library path. Anywhere a _libdir is
found replace with /usr/lib. This works but I guess maybe only in my
type of environment (or at least not all environments).


Hope this is useful info and thanks for a great piece of software.  The
next step is to get speex native on some hardphones (already hassled a
Snom developer to look at putting it in their phones). I'll be releasing
an Asterisk install script with optimised speex codecs (ie with sse
optimisations) so it should go head to head with g.729 performance wise.



Rehan Khan

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