[Speex-dev] Speex support for TI DaVinci processor

Jerry Trantow jtrantow at ieee.org
Tue Dec 5 13:55:13 PST 2006

Do you need to encode and/or decode?  I did some work optimizing the DM642
speex encoder earlier this year.  I was able to reduce the narrow
band MIPS from approx 30 to 16 using some of the #pragmas and optimizing the
functions (Following the BlackFin example.)   The project I was working on
has been put on hold so I haven't looked at the more recent changes.  If you
are tight on MIPS, there are plenty of opportunities to optimize Speex
following the BlackFin example.


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My company just recently bought a TI DaVinci development board and I'm
trying to port Speex to run on it.  The TI DaVinci chip has an ARM926
processor and a TMS320C64+ DSP in it.  I was able to get Speex somewhat
working on a TMS320VC5510 about a year ago but I was wondering is there
anything special I need to do to get Speex working on the TMS320C64+ DSP in
the DaVinci chip.  I appreciate any insight or comment you may give me or
point me to sites where I can get more information.  Thanks in advance!




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