[Speex-dev] get the mode from a incoming speex stream

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Tue Dec 5 14:56:22 PST 2006

In a "normal" frame that doesn't have in-band signalling (which nobody
seems to use anyway), the frame starts with the narrowband information.
If the frame is in wideband, then this will be followed by a bit of
wideband information that starts with a bit set to 1 (narrowband starts
with a bit set to 0). Have a look at what the Speex decoder does. You
may actually want to have similar code in a "null decoder".


Aymeric Moizard a écrit :
> Hi speexers,
> I want to be able to automatically detect the mode (narrowband/wb..)
> of the RTP stream I'm receiving.
> I guess this information is included in frames? Isn'it?
> How can I read it?
> tks,
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