[Speex-dev] Problem in encoding/decoding speech in Win CE

Anindya Mozumdar anindya at picopeta.com
Tue Nov 29 02:14:59 PST 2005

    I am trying to encode raw wave data stored in a buffer using the 
Speex API (The raw wave data is created using the waveIn* functions - 
probably irrelevant information here).
    It is a 5 second clip, 16bits/sample, 8000Hz mono (which gives a 
buffer size of 80kb for the wave data).
    I have followed the exact procedure found in the manual available 
from the web site, except that instead of writing the speex stream into 
stdout, I am writing it onto a file from where I read later to decode.
    It decodes to 80kb (as expected). While I can reproduce tapping 
sounds (by banging a pen on a desk), I am unable to reproduce voice - in 
which case I hear some junk. Also, the tapping sounds are quite faint.
    Am I doing something wrong, or is there a problem with the Win CE 
libraries ?


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