[Speex-dev] Bug report: speex 1.1.10

Lars Täuber lars.taeuber at gmx.net
Sat Jul 2 10:14:20 PDT 2005

Hi there,

here is a little bug report:

# ./configure --with-gnu-ld --enable-sse
# make
vq.c:99: error: conflicting types for `vq_nbest'
vq.h:44: error: previous declaration of `vq_nbest'
vq.c:133: error: conflicting types for `vq_nbest_sign'
vq.h:46: error: previous declaration of `vq_nbest_sign'

The --enable-sse option took this bug to the surface.
The header file is prepared for the sse optimization but the source isn't.

Best Regards

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