[Speex-dev] Problem encoding sine wave in 1.1.6 and somewhat in 1.0.4

Jared Whitby jwhitby at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 10:31:42 PST 2005

I am currently using speex and ogg to archive voice data. The data
comes in PCM ulaw at
8kHz and I use a table look up to convert it to normal 16-bit PCM
data. Whenver the sound
coming in is voice everything works perfectly. However, we
periodically run test signals through
our system to determine link problems.. etc. This test signal totally
hoses speex during
playback, but only when you try to seek. If you let it play straight
through everything is fine.
(Speex 1.0.4 library)

I figured i would try 1.1.6 and see if it got any better... It works
for 2 seconds or so and goes to
garbage without seeking. I tried saving a sample of the data and
running it through the example
encoders and got the same result.

If you go to http://www.digitalfoo.com/speex/ there are 3 files.

test.wav is a 8kHz 16-bit wav of our test signal.

Speex1.0.4.spx is test.wav run through speexenc v1.0.4

Speex1.1.6.spx is test.wav run through speexenc v1.1.6

The 1.0.4 version seems fine until i try to seek to a different spot
in the file.

For now I have been using foobar2000 and windows media player to play
the files back out
until I get the encoder working properly and write my own.

Anyone have any suggestions or insight into this?


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