[Speex-dev] different output for opt/non-opt on win32 platform

tunkeat tunkeat at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 21:37:57 PST 2005

hi all,

thanks Jean for the codec. 

I am new to speech coding. Am interested to implement 
speex on a TI dsp, say C54. just downloaded speex v 1.1.6.
 when I removed optimisation flags for win32 in libspeex.dsp, 
I get a slightly different output for decoding using speexdec.exe 
(debug version). no prob for speexenc.exe except for some 
differences in the ogg header. 

for anyone interested, i have zipped some wave files in speexlib.zip
and posted on geocities.com/dunjie17/

- libspeex.dsp is the modified version.
- male.spx is the encoded version of male.wav
on the speex website, coded using bitrate 4000
- origdec_male.wav
- origdec_male.wav
- unoptmale.wav (the result after removing the
optimisation flags)

config of my system: winxp sp2, vs6 sp5, libogg1.1

from the archives, i read fixed-point is implemented.  wonder
whether there are any sample results that I could compare

i have the understanding each speex frame is self-contained,
i.e., the decoder could decode each frame independently. is that

thanks for the time.

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