[speex-dev] SpeexEnc Launcher

João Roberto S. G. Ferreira gandara at vivax.com.br
Tue Feb 22 06:42:08 PST 2005

Hi Tyler!

    I found your e-mail in a forum and would like to ask you some questions if you don't mind.

    I just learn about Speex last night and would like to know if works ok with VB. Since you have working with this in VB your could say something. 

    I intend to make a simple application to allow me to comunicate between to computers using VOIP and in each computer having a two-way radio attached in your audio ports. That way I could talk around using a radio and that radio attached to computer will receive the audio and send to another computer via voip and transmit by the radio in another end. My main concern is using Visual Basic (Only language I know - Don't use it since 2003) and figure out a way to have two signals at the serial port: 1 for the application tell the radio to activate the transmition (PTT - push to talk) and other to tell when someone is talking on the radio (COR - squelch opened). 

     I don't know if I was clear. Sorry, but I don't write english very well.

    Thanks in advance and any help will be o great value.

João Roberto
gandara at vivax.com.br

Attached is a small Visual Basic(yeah, I know, VB sucks but its the only 
thing I'm good with) program that lets you quickly and easily launch 
speexenc under Windows.  If you can't figure out how to use it read the 
ToolTip text(hover your mouse over each text box/button/whatever).  It 
will crash if you don't give a location for SpeexEnc.exe and click Run.  
If you're using anything but WinXP you need to download the approriate 
VB-Runtime upgrade(it might work without it but no guarentees).  It also 
looks better with the 'Windows Classic style' theme under XP.

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