[Speex-dev] Oggcodecs 0.69.8924 release.

illiminable ogg at illiminable.com
Wed Feb 16 01:40:47 PST 2005

A new version is out after a long wait.

These will let you encode or decode vorbis, speex, theora, and flac with
both ogg and annodex in any directshow based media player (most commonly
windows media player)

Changes to the binary package...
# Removed several major memory leaks in encoders and decoders
# More intelligent buffer sizing, reduces memory footprint by about 5-10
# Much more documentation
      Main doc page : http://www.illiminable.com/ogg/docs/
      Graphical Class Overview
      (contains many many images)
# Vorbis encoder has programmatic interface for setting quality
# Added an annodex multiplexer filter for creating annodex media
# Added a source filter for putting CMML in annodex
# Programmitic interface for encoding progress
# Can seek in WMP6.4
# Supporting chunked encoding over http

Other changes you can find in the source distribution, are that most of the
core libraries and tools (ie the parts that aren't directshow) will build on
both Mac OSX and Unix (thanks to ozone) and many also have .NET wrappers.

These include ;
* dump and validation tools
* an independant implentation of an ogg demuxer/muxer (C++)
* libraries for parsing vorbis comments (including .NET wrappers)
* CMML container classes and parser (including .NET wrappers)
* temporal URI parsing libraries (including .NET wrappers)
* libraries for seeking in ogg via cache seek tables, for efficient seeking
particularly for the server-side, or local file seeking.

Also mod_oggchef which is an apache module to provide server side seeking in
ogg via temporal URI's (currently only serves annodex, but will soon also
allow normal ogg files to be seeked server side). Can slice and dice and
recombine media on the fly, in response to temporal URI's and http request
headers and serve recomposed valid streams back to the client. (many thanks
to ozone)

Also included in the source is a .NET media player library, which wraps up
all the messy directshow stuff in an easy to use class, providing a
virtually "instant" media player in any .NET application. By using this
library and installing oggcodecs it will allow you to playback ogg files
(and any other media) in your .NET applications.



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