[Speex-dev] G 723 codec ?

Vikram Bhuskute vikramb at aftek.com
Wed Sep 29 07:52:45 PDT 2004

 Hello all,
                  I am new to world of codec !!! :( . WE have few codecs 
in our VoIp application.
  Open source of GSM codec and G 723 (not G 723.1).
  Problem is that  quality of G 723 is worse as compare to GSM or G 711
  lot of noice is there.

 1. Is  G 723  is having quality problems ?
 2. Higher bit rate means less processing time ....am i right ? .. G 723 
is 24 kbps so it should require less processing time then GSM  etc ?

Please help  !!


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