[Speex-dev] Question about granulepos in packets

Owen speex-dev at aerodrome.us
Mon Sep 20 11:18:36 PDT 2004

Neglected to cc the list...

Segher Boessenkool wrote:

> On 17-sep-04, at 8:30, Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
>> The granulepos is only available on a per-page basis (otherwise it would
>> take up too much space). You can probably see how to use it by looking
>> at speexdec.c
> The libogg library _should_ however compute this per *packet*.  I know
> it doesn't.  I know it'll be hard for it to do, esp. as how to compute
> it is codec-dependent.  But it still should ;-)

I realize it's a bit late to work it into the spec, but perhaps, in lieu of a full granulepos field in the packets, the packet could at least store the numble of granulepos units it contains?  That could be a smaller integer (32 or maybe even just 16 bits).  Seems like that would make it simpler and faster to do sample-accurate seeking.


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