[Speex-dev] speex on TI C5x fixed-point DSP

Jamey Hicks jamey.hicks at hp.com
Fri Sep 17 08:33:11 PDT 2004

Jean-Marc Valin wrote:

>Hi Jamey,
>Really cool to see Speex being ported to the C55xx and I'd be glad to
>integrate the changes required in Speex (and the style's fine with me).
>Here are a couple comments on the patch you sent (I looked at it, but
>haven't compiled).

>1) The changes you made to the pack un unpack functions would only work
>if the 16-bit chars are "big endian" (relative to the two bytes in the
>16-bit chars)
>2) I would prefer spx_int16_t to int16_t. Eventually, part of that
>should go in the configure script and the config.h
Sounds good to me.

>3) Not relative to this patch, but I think an important issue will be
>what to do about the codebooks. All codebooks are stored as "signed
>char", you'd be wasting lots of space on the C55xx unless you find a way
>of packing everything.
Yes, I noticed that.  I think I'll leave that alone until I get the rest 
working, then try to pack the codebooks.

>Regarding 32 bit ints, I don't think they will be required much (except
>for the header). I don't think there is any loop in the code that goes
>past 2^15.
The thing that got me worried about this was the le_int() and be_int() 
routines that operate on 32-bit quantities now.

Thanks for the feedback.  I'll keep you posted on progress.


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