[Speex-dev] Cpu bandwidth for Speex on Win32 platforms

Matthias Granberry matthias at utdallas.edu
Wed Oct 6 12:35:14 PDT 2004

I have two guesses: The sampling rate will effect speex, as will the
complexity setting on the encoder.  A decrease in either of these will
speed speex up.  It probably won't get you to G723.1 speeds, but it
isn't supposed to either.  Speex is pretty high on the codec
food-chain as far as CPU usage goes.  There is some SSE assembly
language, but it's in GCC/AT&T syntax rather than the windows-standard
Intel syntax, so you might have to do some of your own translation to
something your compiler understands.

"Jay Huang" <jhuang at tjnet.com> writes:

> Hi,
> I try to use Speex codec into Win32 platforms. However, I find the CPU
> bandwidth usage is very heavy on a Pentium 3 machine. Compare to
> Microsoft's G723.1 codec, speex 8k is using more than 20% cpu
> bandwidth.
> Does anyone know what is the best version of Speex to "beat" the
> Microsoft's G723.1's on CPU bandwidth usage? Does Speex have
> MMX-enabled codes?
> Thanks very much,
> Jay

Matthias Granberry
matthias at utdallas.edu

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