[Speex-dev] Multiple Frames per Packet

Tom Grandgent tgrand
Thu Jul 29 13:36:32 PDT 2004


Here's the trick ... do this just before your speex_bits_write():


Then, when decoding, keep calling speex_decode() until it returns -1
or speex_bits_remaining(&bits) returns 0.

Works for me, anyway.


David Barrett (dbarrett at quinthar.com) wrote:
> Hi, I'm using Speex and I want to pack multiple frames into a single
> packet.  The manual (section 4.5) says to call "speex_encode()"
> multiple times before calling "speex_bits_write()", and then call
> "speex_decode()" until it returns -1.  However, when I try that
> "speex_decode()" never returns -1, and it enters an infinite loop.
> I'm using 1.0.4.
> Any suggestions?  Surely this isn't a new question.  (Incidentally,
> the Xiph.org archives of this mailing list appear to be offline.
> Where are they now, or when will they come back online?)
> I've included some clips from my code below:
> -david
> ...

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