[Speex-dev] Some queries

RamNarayan Rao knarayan_mca
Thu Jul 15 02:12:56 PDT 2004

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I have some queries:

I am using speex in Windows platform.

1. I am having some problem with the speex,for input   8KHz,8bits/sample mono stream i am getting output as 8KHz,
16bits/sample mono stream.

I would like to know why 8bits/sample input stream is getting  converted to 16bits/sample stream, will this have any effect on the sound clarity,if yes then to what extent and how do i slove this problem.

2. There is hissh sound in output stream.

I would like to know how do i reduce the noise in the output  and improve the sound clarity.

3. My requirement is 2kbps, how extent this low-bit rate will  effect the sound clarity and how can i improve the sound clarity at lower bit rates.

Thanks and Regards,
Ram Narayan Rao.

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