[speex-dev] Speex API for use with .Net applications

Ossama Khayaat ossamak at nht.com.kw
Tue Oct 28 03:11:55 PST 2003

I'm Ossama Khayat, an Arab .Net Framework developer.
I'm interested in building an API or COM component, of the speex codec,
that is suitable for use in a Windows Forms application.
This will be used in an Open Source project that will hopefully be
hosted in Source Forge one done.
I tried downloading the source code and compiling it but really couldn't
do much with it, especially that I'm not a C or C++ developer.
The way we do using .Net is as follows:
- If I have a COM component:
        - First register is with: regsvr32 speex.dll
        - Then add a reference to it in the application and use it.
- If I have the API (again as .dll):
        - I use the System.Runtime.Interop services namespace
        - Add a reference to it using this code:
--- Begin Code Snip ---
Public Class SpeexDecoder
        Public Declare Funtion (FunctionName) Lib "speex.dll" Alias
"DecodeFile" (ByVal strFileName as String) as (return type)
End Class
--- End Code Snip ---
        ... so this is used to add a reference to the function in the
API that would allow me to decode (as I don't need to encode files) and
play audio files.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Ossama Khayat	
New Horizons Pro
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