[speex-dev] Is Speex realy patent free?

Carsten Breuer CarstenBreuerSpeex at textwork.de
Fri Nov 28 12:51:04 PST 2003

Hi Jean-Marc,

> Well, outside of the Speex link, that page seems to be pretty old...

No, it is more actual then ever.

>>Nonetheless, what the current patent state of speex?
> First, we (Xiph.org, me) obviously did not patent Speex. Also, during
> development, we were careful not to use techniques known to be patented
> and we searched through the uspto database to see if anything we were
> doing was covered. The only thing we haven't done yet for Speex is an
> "official" (done by a lawyer) patent search. If anyone is interested in
> funding such effort, that would be appreciated.

OK, im a bit more quit now, because that is the important first steps to 
look to the patents and see what could properbly make troubles. Of 
course lawyers cost money and i guess that this is one of the reasons 
why they want patents in europe ;-).

Perhaps it is a good idea, if the user of speex donate money for the
check by a lawyer. Perhaps we can promote that, on the other hand 
perhaps it is better not to waken sleeping dogs (pit bulls).

If you allow i talk to te swpat.ffii.org people and post your coment
to the website.

 > ...
> something like that. So basically for Speex, all we can say is that we
> did our best to avoid patents. There isn't much more that can be done
> anyway, regardless of whether you're dealing with open-source or
> proprietary software.

Yes, that is true. I know this very well and i only wanted to know if
you take care about that point. You do it like i have expected it.
I would also only look to the patents and see how i can wrap them.
That's all a developer can do and perhaps the user of the library
od the products made with it should donate money to get a lawyer paid.
This is good for all people are affected in any way by speex.

Best Regards,


> 	Jean-Marc

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