Norman Biehl n.biehl at gmx.de
Fri Nov 7 05:45:06 PST 2003


I have to write a small programm which should be able to record speeches 
and in addition synchronize the recorded speeches with measuring data.

My idea is to record the speech in the normal way with speex and without 
ogg. If a sync message was received, i write a custom in-band messages 
using mode 13 into the stream. Furthermore, i fill a structure with the 
sync data and write the structure into an array. To determine the position 
of the sync structure in the array, i have to write the array index of the 
sync structure into the stream. Inside the user callback i have to read 
the array index of the reached sync point from the stream and send it 
within a notification message to the application.

The Problem is, after the decoder reached the custom in-band messages and 
executed the user callback, the stream is corrupted and speex_decode() 
returns -2.

I don't know where the problem is.

I can't find any sample code for custom in-band messages.

Is there anyone who can help?

Here some sample code:

/********************************** encoder 

// read raw data from serving buffer
void CSpeexEncoderThread::Decode(char * pcData, DWORD dwLength){

        speex_encode(st, s, &bits); // encode


        if (syncmsg == TRUE && synccount < 256){ // is there a sync message?

                syncstruct[synccount].sync_value = syncvalue; //fill the sync structure


                speex_bits_pack(&bits, 13, 5);	//custom in-band messages

                // write the array index of the sync structure into the stream (max. 256 
sync points)
                speex_bits_pack(&bits, synccount, 8);


<p>        nbBytes = speex_bits_write(&bits, cbits, MAX_FRAME_BYTES);


        // write the encoded data into the end buffer



/********************************** encoder end 

/************************************* decoder 

int CSpeexDecoderThread::SpeexUserCallback(SpeexBits *bits, void *state, 
void *data){

        // read the array index of the corresponding sync structure
        int index = speex_bits_unpack_unsigned(bits, 8);

        SendNotifyMessage(l_sdthread->m_hWnd, USER_PLAYBACK_MESSAGE, SYNC_DATA, 

        return 0;

inline int speex_bits_init_buffer_ex(SpeexBits *bits, void *buff, int 
        if (buff == NULL || buf_size == 0)
                return -1;

        memset(bits, 0, sizeof(SpeexBits));

        bits->bytes = (char*)buff;
        bits->buf_size = buf_size;
        bits->nbBits=buf_size << 3;

        return 0;

int CSpeexDecoderThread::DecodePlay(void* state, SpeexStereoState stereo,
        char* pcData, DWORD dwLength, int nchannels, int frame_size, int 


        if (synccount > 0){
                callback.callback_id = 0;
                callback.func = SpeexUserCallback;
                callback.data = this;
                speex_decoder_ctl(state, SPEEX_SET_USER_HANDLER, &callback);	

        speex_bits_init_buffer_ex(&bits, pcData, dwLength);
        while (1 == 1){


                retval = speex_decode(state, &bits, output);

                if (retval == -1){
                        return -1; //return DECODE_ENDOFSTREAM;
                } else if (retval == -2){
                        return -2;

                // play the sample

The second question, is there something wrong with the speex_uwb_mode 
since version 1.1?
It don't work. Only speex_nb_mode and speex_wb_mode works.


ps: sorry for my pure english.

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