[speex-dev] XScale realtime encoding possible?

James H.Cloos Jr. cloos at jhcloos.com
Thu Nov 6 10:10:52 PST 2003

>>>>> "Jean-Marc" == Jean-Marc Valin <Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca> writes:

Jean-Marc> I don't have access to an ARM-based device (anyone wants to
Jean-Marc> send me one?), so I'm doing all this blind...

HP has ipaqs available for login via:

   ssh -C guest at ipaq1.handhelds.org

once in, mkdir a dir in ~guest/ of your email address and do your work
in there.  ipaq1 is a 400 MHz XScale.  ipaq2 through ipaq7 are sa1110
at 200 MHz.  Each has an ide disk connected via pcmcia and mounts home
over nfs from a central server.

They have intimate linux, which is debian customized for the ipaqs.

See http://handhelds.org/projects/skiffcluster.html for the details.

-JimC (hoping i'm not being redundant with this post)

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