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Carsten Breuer CarstenBreuerSpeex at textwork.de
Tue Nov 25 15:26:25 PST 2003

Hi Ulrich,

<p>you distroyed my evening today ;-). Im only sitting here
and follow the videoconferencing thread ;-)).

> due to the ongoing discussion on both lists, i simply respond to both
> lists. it's hard crossposting, but it's for both roups relevant (i
> think). 

Yes, this was right. There is a great discussion and perhaps we got
some points more yet.

> +After having thought about control structures, it makes sense to me to
> do the extra work and merge this creamed cake into a jabber server
> component. 

I dont have any glue about jabber server components, but it could be
the right way. we have to took in consideration, that we have at least
tree chanels to go for : administration, audio and video.

So, if we make a jabber server component, it should handle all of this.
My idea was to use jabber only to start the connection and to get the
IP of the other client. Afterwards the client's establish a connection
withou the need of jabber. I dont know if a server component is better here.

> Of course it is possible to create a standalone server relay, too. 
> But my relation to jabber.org tells me to do it that way... ;-)

Yes, could be right. But we have to thing about that a stand alone
solution is more flexible and can also be implemented in other
messenger (is this fait to tell this here <d&r>?).

> to speex: *now here comes the more important part, can we build a c++
> component which does what avrelay does? is it practicable to de/encode
> 100 streams with a c/c++ speex de/encoder in realtime?* COMMENTS WELCOME

I dont know what the exact timing is, but we can convert avrelay
to C++. We have to test the performance then. I can't say how much 
better it will go.

> The other part is, what do you think about a cooperation? All help on
> this welcome! 

Yes, i agree. We dont should reinvent the wheel.
So i be with you to convert it to C++. So we can also make sure
that it runs on linux and windows.

> P.s. on the relay, carsten: 
> The relay you may download at

Thanks, i have downloaded it and will review it in the next days.
Today there was no time to look to it ;-)).

Best wishes,

PS: I will post this also to the Sony Clie Developer Forum.
     They have a cool PDA with WLan and Webcam.
     That would be realy cool :-))-

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