[speex-dev] Speex for videoconferencing

Carsten Breuer CarstenBreuerSpeex at textwork.de
Mon Nov 17 15:08:43 PST 2003

Hi all,

<p>im new on the list and want to introduce my self.
Im a software developer working on engine control software
for a german car manufacturer. I want to use speex for a
privat videoconferencing project and faces some problems
with it.

First of all the projects in Visual-C++ doesn't work.
I don't mean the path an dependecy problems. That is easy.
But there are some errors.

First i want to say that libspeex produce defently too much
errors. I think it was written by a mathematician, right ;-)).
We are very sensitive aboutr warning in the automoive section
so in my opinion, all of these warning should be treated as
errors and aditionale checks with a tool like PC-Lint should
be made.

However, here are the errors i got from the current CVS:


   - File denoise.c is missing
   - M_PI is not defined in some files. This should be made in a
     basic include.
   - cbsearch.c: line 147 : resj =
     Ilegal use of float.
   - There are some problems with:
       - speex_preprocess.
       - speex_preprocess_ctl.
       - SpeexPreprocessState *speex_preprocess_state_init.
     They produce link errors.
     Looks like preprocessing is experimental at the moment.

OK, that's my two cents.
I dont know if i have fixed the MAC16_32_Q11 right. Perhaps someone
can give me a hint.

Best Regards,

<p><p>Carsten Breuer

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