[speex-dev] Speex settings and jitter

Jonas Tärnström njt at home.se
Tue May 20 18:53:08 PDT 2003

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<p>> Right - and I deal with that on the receiver end based on an approximation
> of sender's and receiver's responsiveness - the minimum latency I've been
> able to get into the system is about 150 ms. Of that, jitter buffering is
> about 40-100ms. I'd love to figure out how to get that down without
> myself on thread switching or Win32 kernel calls, but ms has to actually
> implement the DSBCAPS_CTRLPOSITIONNOTIFY capability in direct sound

Polling is the way with DirectSound.
I have currently no problem with playing and capturing 20 ms frames on my SB
Keep the number of needed threads in your application as small as possible.
Previous I got stuck in a scenario where I had simply too many threads doing
simply too much to be able to
get everything done in time.

Currently, I am doing some experimental development involving Speex and I
must take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with the projekt and
of course
especially Jean-Marc Valin.

//Regards Jonas Tärnström, Sweden

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