[speex-dev] Where to pause stream (minimum decodable length)?

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at hermes.usherb.ca
Fri May 16 07:42:56 PDT 2003

Yes it's the minimum, as you can't decode half a frame. In Speex frames
are 20ms which should be low enough anyway.


Le ven 16/05/2003 à 04:03, Robert M. a écrit :
> Here is my situation:
> I have large Speex encoded stream which I would like to playback on wave 
> out device. I could decode whole stream to pcm and play it back as pcm 
> audio, but this is not what I want. Instead I want to decode minimum 
> decodable bits (bytes?) to pcm and play it ... then decode another 
> minimum data chunk and play it, etc. This way I can achieve closest to 
> real-time playback or I can pause and then restart playback. So, my 
> question is: What is minimum length of Speex encoded data where decoder 
> (speex_decode)  will still successfully decode input data? In Windows 
> terminology this is called BlockAlign. The block alignment is the 
> minimum atomic unit of data the playback and record software must 
> process at a time .
> BTW, the sample provided is using frame_size*channels but I don't think 
> this is the minimum.
> P.S. I need this for my ACM codec driver I'm working on.
> Robert M.
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