[speex-dev] artefacts in Speex decoded signal

Taddei Herve ICM MP 3C RD MCH 8 herve.taddei at siemens.com
Mon Feb 3 05:37:06 PST 2003

Dear all,

I encoded and decoded some files using speex codec and I find out with than
when using the original raw file and coding it in NB with different bit
rate, complexity or with/without enhancement some kind of slight artefact (a
strange low level sound appears) is created at t=1.12 s. This is just before
an attack which is present in the signal.

I did not try to solve the problems but if someone has time to check what is
going on it would be helpful. The original and the decoded (NB at 8 kbit/s
with enh on) file are included in the zip file.




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