[Playlist] We need to reset the site

Evan Boehs ewn at tuta.io
Mon Aug 30 16:28:15 UTC 2021

So, quick update. I threw together a website, but am not happy with how it looks and would like ideas. The website's repository is available on gitlab. I think it's a good outline demonstrating what the spec has to offer, but it lacks some flair, some fun. Only the home page is present

- https://gitlab.xiph.org/boehs/xspf-site
I also converted the spec to markdown for easy contribution. I believe it is fully converted, but feel free to open a merge request if I missed something. I also started an issue tracker and copied over some requests from the mailing list. You can find it here:

- https://gitlab.xiph.org/boehs/xpsf-spec/-/issues
Finally, to organize xspf related content both repositories are under the new xspf topic
- https://gitlab.xiph.org/explore/projects?topic=xspf

You can contribute by brainstorming the website and/or making issues with things you might want in a new spec version (or you can just flat out open merge requests 😉)

I would appreciate if you brainstormed in gitlab issues instead of the mailing list, I think the list is more trouble than it's worth.

Evan Boehs
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